Improving location analysis with quality address data

Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms out there, and with the acquisition of MapAnything, we’re pleased to see a focus on the importance of location-based use cases. But there’s STILL a problem… These solutions are only as good as the data you put into them. Whilst Salesforce offers a fantastic backbone for storing, organizing and reporting on your data, and MapAnything allows for advanced location analysis, what happens if the address data is invalid?

Many of our customers initially reach out to us with the low quality of their address data dragging down their mapping solutions. Whether it be data missing entirely, or incorrect values, poor data cripples the effectiveness and value of their mapping.

On average, 5% of deliveries will fail. Each failure carries not only the monetary cost of administration, re-handling and re-sending, but also the hidden costs of customer dissatisfaction. Marketing mailing is worthless if the copy never reaches the prospective client. Site visits can be delayed, or flummoxed entirely by an incorrect street or postal code.

So we understand the problem, how can we solve it?

At ProvenWorks, we provide an address quality solution called AddressTools which battles bad address data at the point of entry, both interactively and automatically.

Whether ensuring that spellings are correct or standardized, or that values are entered for certain countries, or fully verifying the address to the exact premise internationally, it all gets handled in Salesforce. Records are automatically flagged to notify the user whether or not an address is valid and deliverable.

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