Import donations into the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Giving back to the community is a big part of our culture here at ProvenWorks. We are a proud member of Pledge 1% and offer nonprofit discounts on our solutions!

Each year we find ourselves working with nonprofit organisations looking to expand their Salesforce implementations. This case study is one of the most common use cases we see when working in this sector with our tool, SimpleImport.

It’s no surprise that donations are at the heart of many nonprofits. It is not uncommon that they might be managed in another database, accounting system, or with spreadsheets. For these organisations who use Salesforce CRM, it’s vital to try and get as much of this data into your org so you can cultivate a single source of truth.

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) leverages the Salesforce-standard Opportunity object to track and manage donations. These Opportunity records are related to donors which are maintained in the Account and Contact objects.

How can SimpleImport simplify importing to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack?

SimpleImport is the perfect companion for importing donation data, providing a drag-and-drop experience to import the donation spreadsheet file. It can be set up in just a few minutes to create a reusable, scalable, and secure import process meaning your teams don’t need to be tech experts to get donation data into Salesforce.

Do you need to load records with a master-detail relationship? No problem we have you covered. The ability to load child records at the same time and save the mapping is perfect for handling donors and recurring donations. This can be set up for non-admins too since the ManagedImport component can be placed on a Lightning App page. Provide your Salesforce users with everything they need for importing the data – they then only need the file!

Immediate benefits of using SimpleImport

  • Centralise your donation data into one platform instead of storing it across multiple external websites/systems. Cultivate a single source of truth about your supporters.
  • Remove time-consuming, complex repeat activities by leveraging saved mappings in the SimpleImport application.
  • Reduce time spent onboarding new staff on your donor administration process – they only need to learn how to drag and drop!
  • Streamline the whole process of maintaining and creating the donations into a single task by using the upsert operation.

What’s next?

Learn more, book a demo and get a trial of SimpleImport by ProvenWorks.

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