InnovMetric standardises their Salesforce address data with AddressTools

AddressTools is easy to use, robust and has great support, so there is no reason not to use it!

Stéphane Houle, Web Operations Supervisor, InnovMetric Software Inc

Standardising their Salesforce address data means that InnovMetric can effectively leverage their CRM

The history of InnovMetric is one of technological innovations and passion for 3D measurement in which a talented software development firm headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, leverages its key partnerships with industrial manufacturing giants to become a multinational with a direct presence in 17 countries. During the first 25 years of their business journey, they’ve pioneered point-cloud-based inspection, invented the concept of a universal 3D metrology software platform, and introduced the most user-friendly CMM sequencing workflow ever designed. 

InnovMetric are now massively investing in creating the next-generation digital data and process management technologies that will bring 3D measurement data at the heart of enterprise processes to significantly reduce time-to-market and fabrication costs. 

As an international company handling multiple languages, InnovMetric faced issues with their address data that prevented them from leveraging the full power of their Salesforce CRM.

The challenge: standardising address data for reporting and assignment

Salesforce users at InnovMetric were entering address data in different languages, scripts and formats. This resulted in unstandardised data, particularly around state and country values. All of this inconsistent data meant that InnovMetric couldn’t fully leverage functionality in Salesforce that depended on address data – such as filtering reports and assigning accounts.

The solution: implementing AddressTools with zero onboarding time

Web Operations Supervisor, Stéphane Houle described InnovMetric’s AddressTools implementation: 

Very easy! Once set up, we only need to keep our ‘Alternative Country/State Names’ lists up to date every time a new name variation comes up, which takes 5 seconds.”

The AddressTools package includes customisable Alternative State and Country Names.

When asked how long it took to train users, Stéphane added: 

0 minutes – everything is automated and they’re only aware that State and Country names may be automatically corrected after they have entered them.” 

Since AddressTools is native to Salesforce CRM, InnovMetric users are not even aware that a solution is at work!

The results: running operations with clean address data

I can say with confidence that not having AddressTools would make our processes much less efficient, since all Account/Lead assignment is based on the Country field and could not be managed automatically if those names had not been standardized.

With AddressTools in place, InnovMetric can clean up and maintain consistency in their address data, helping them grow trust in their Salesforce CRM as their single source of truth.

Pulling clean, trustworthy reports

InnovMetric has in place a solution that automatically cleans up and standardises their address data in Salesforce. When filtering by state and country data, their reports are consistent, easy to create and trustworthy.

Account and Lead assignment success

By determining a singular state and country value format, InnovMetric removed inconsistent variables that prevented their account and lead assignment automation from running. With standardised address data, InnovMetric can ensure their assignment processes that are dependent on address data work consistently.

Trust in their CRM

InnovMetric don’t waste time thinking about all the possible exceptions that might disrupt their reporting and assignment processes.

Why InnovMetric recommends ProvenWorks

Stéphane shares why InnovMetric has worked with ProvenWorks since 2010:

“I always receive great support whenever I reach out. ProvenWorks is definitely top tier in response time. AddressTools is easy to use, robust and has great support, so there is no reason to not use it!”


AddressTools is our award-winning package for Salesforce to help you standardise, validate and verify your address data.

Standardise your data with AddressTools

Let’s discuss how you can use AddressTools to standardise your address data in Salesforce! Book a demo to see AddressTools in action on a live demo with our team.

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