ProvenWorks graduates from Salesforce Accelerate Grow

In 2022, we were delighted that our application to join Salesforce Accelerate Grow program was accepted. Following four-months of a curriculum involving lectures, seminars and online learning, we are graduates of the program and we’re ready to take ProvenWorks to the next level!

What is Salesforce Accelerate Grow?

The Salesforce Accelerate program has two distinct offerings: 

  • Salesforce Accelerate Build is a more typical incubator offering, supporting startups as well as established software companies develop apps from scratch for the AppExchange marketplace.
  • Salesforce Accelerate Grow is Salesforce’s offering for more experienced ISV Partners who are hitting certain metrics and therefore recognised as in their growth stage. This program helps them accelerate their expansion in the AppExchange marketplace

Our Salesforce Accelerate Grow cohort was the 13th iteration of the program and we were delighted to share our journey with a global group of ISV partners that comprised over 250 individuals from the ecosystem.

The virtual four-month program was primarily built around weekly lecture-style sessions run by various mentors from the ecosystem. These sessions covered four main units:

  1. Strategic alignment
  1. Positioning and marketing
  1. Operational excellence
  1. Go to market

Additionally, fortnightly mentor pods offered seminar-style groups intended to be more conversational and a chance to discuss our experiences, homework and learnings. For us as a British ISV Partner, it provided a fantastic opportunity to meet and build relationships with more EMEA ISV Partners.

Finally, ongoing homework complimented these lectures and seminars, set via the Salesforce Partner Learning Camp.

What’s next for ProvenWorks?

Salesforce Accelerate Grow provided an intensive, purpose-built program for us as an ISV partner to step back, align strategically and identify where we should focus our time. Now it’s time to implement. We can’t wait to see what’s next for ProvenWorks, but we know where we’re headed… upwards! 🚀

About ProvenWorks

We mean it when we say we’re Salesforce experts. We work exclusively in the Salesforce ecosystem and our products are built 100% for Salesforce.

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