PhoneTools: Interactive record screening


If you’ve completed Adding the PhoneTools lightning component to a record app page then it’s good news! You have instant access to interactive record screening. As a system administrator, you can sample this functionality immediately by navigating to a record where the component is configured and click the Screen Phone Numbers button.

…But the interactive record screening feature is rarely just for use by a system administrator so permissions need to be granted to your users.

Granting permissions to use interactive record screening

Users wanting to use interactive screening must have the editable permissions to each of the phone status fields required by PhoneTools.

  • Phone Status Field
  • Next Screen Due Field
  • Screening Results Field

The users must also have at least read access to all the configured phone fields on the object. For example:

  • Phone
  • Mobile

These permissions can be granted on the profile itself or via a permission set.

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