PhoneTools (v2.4 onwards): Adding the component to a page layout

To allow users in the organization to check the status of a phone number on a record, you will need to add the PhoneTools lightning component to the lightning record app page.

  • Go to Setup | Object Manager.
  • Navigate to the object that you would like to add the PhoneTools component to.
  • Select Lightning Record Pages.
  • If you already have a record page, select its label and press Edit. Or choose New if you would like to configure a new record page.
  • Select PhoneTools from the Lightning Components list on the left of the screen and drag the component to your desired location on your page layout.
  • In the panel on the right of the screen, select Enable screening.
  • Press Save, and Activate if required.

Note: you can use Add Filter to create rules for when the component is visible. i.e hide if phone field is empty.

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