Speed up your importing with SimpleImport Spring ’22 (20220118)

We know that when it comes to tasks like importing, every second counts.

That’s why we’ve released a service update for SimpleImport (20220118). Based on our customers’ usage, we found that loading speeds during the import workflow could be improved, so we’ve improved them.

Small changes influenced by your real-world usage mean big improvements. So let’s take a look at what’s changed.

A faster SimpleImport

What have we updated and what does this mean?

Scenario 1:

  • Loading object metadata can be costly. We may only be talking seconds, but seconds add up. That’s why we only want to load the object metadata you want to work with when it’s needed.

The solution:

  • SimpleImport usage revealed that users rarely wanted to import to the first object in the picklist.
  • As a result we removed the auto-selection of the first object displayed during object selection.

The result:

  • Users no longer have to wait for the first object’s metadata to load before selecting the object they actually want to import into!
  • Just have one object available? Don’t worry, we’ll auto-select this one for you – it’s the only option after all!

Scenario 2:

  • Auto-mapping fields took too long. Having to wait for this process to finish before being able to interact was just inconvenient. We strive to remove as much waiting time as possible because that’s just not productive.

The solution:

  • We’ve significantly optimized the auto-field mapping process to minimise the loading time on the mapping page.

The result:

  • The waiting time scales depending on how many fields are in the file.
  • We know this waiting is as a result of SimpleImport offering a helping hand, but now the hand is much, much faster!

How do I access SimpleImport Spring ’22?

Great question! This is a service update so you will automatically have access to the new workflow if you are already using SimpleImport.

If you get stuck or have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team who are more than happy to help you:


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