3 ways you can enhance your territory management using AddressTools for Salesforce

Are you making the most out of your address data in Salesforce? Maybe that isn’t a question you knew existed…

If you haven’t thought about how you could use your address data to optimize wider business processes, you’re missing out.

At ProvenWorks we’re address data experts and we made AddressTools to help you harness the power of your address data. AddressTools is not just a postal address verification tool. It’s a powerful dataset that, when used strategically, can optimize your business processes.

With AddressTools, you gain a bundle of objects for Country, State, ZIP Code data and more. By leveraging these regional records and our Lookup field functionality, you can enrich, tidy up, and simplify your records to enhance your territory management.

All this with little effort and all based on native Salesforce techniques! So let’s take a closer look…

1. Streamline how you store region-specific data

Using native Salesforce functionality, you can add custom fields to the AddressTools region objects (Country, State, ZIP and more!) or leverage additional data points that are installed with the package..

How about adding a Field Rep to relevant regions? Maybe you have a preferred regional service provider? What about using the pre-installed Country ISO values alongside the full country name to work with an integration? You can harness the AddressTools dataset however you want to use it. And all this happens through the power of Lookup field population. Which brings us to our next point…

2. Automatically populate additional values

AddressTools includes a range of values that you can automatically populate alongside your address data. The package includes populated objects for global country and state/province values, and for the US, a ZIP code and County object as well. With Lookup field population, you can automatically populate Lookup relationship fields, so a very simple formula field can leverage the Lookup relationship to pull back a relevant value from our region objects.

What does this look like? This means you can automatically populate time zones, continent values, and US county FIPS codes using your address data, or even those additional fields you added after reading point 1! With these additional values, your address data turns information into action. Streamline your workflows, manage your territories efficiently and simplify your business processes, all through the power of these additional values.

3. Capitalize on US county data

Retrieving US County data is another very common requirement that AddressTools can satisfy in two ways. If you need exact county values, both our interactive and automated postal address verification can automatically populate a US county value with each verified address. This is perfect for when you require precise US county data, like for tax code allocation. If your org doesn’t require full postal verification, AddressTools can also populate county values via Lookup relationship based on the ZIP code.

These are just three ways you can use our powerful dataset in AddressTools to better utilize address data, improve your territory management and optimize your business processes.

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