Address Verification Flow Component: Apply Custom CSS Using Additional Styles

Within the Address Verification Flow Component, you have the ability to edit all of the visual aspects allowing you to achieve a personalized final look.

How to Create a Custom Style Sheet

  • First, save and edit the code template which can be found below – ensure it is saved as a CSS file.
  • This template illustrates some of the basic changes that can be made, but any CSS functionality is supported.
.powersearch .form-element-label
color: Blue;
font-size: 15px;

font-size: 12px;
color: Green;
background: white;

powersearch .form-element-input,
powersearch .form-element-textarea,
powersearch .form-element-select
border: 1px solid Black;

.powersearch .form-element-button
color: Aquamarine;

.powersearch .form-element-input,
.powersearch .form-element-textarea,
.powersearch .form-element-select,
.powersearch .slds-input
border-color: DarkMagenta;

.powersearch .form-element-input:focus,
.powersearch .form-element-input:active,
.powersearch .form-element-textarea:focus,
.powersearch .form-element-textarea:active,
.powersearch .form-element-select:focus,
.powersearch .form-element-select:active,
.powersearch .slds-input:focus,
.powersearch .slds-input:active
border-color: Navy;

How to Upload the Custom Styling

  • Navigate to Salesforce Setup | Static Resources.
  • Create a new Static Resource, select Choose File and upload the CSS file.
  • After clicking Save, on the Record Page click View File

  • Copy the end of the URL from /resource onwards, for example: /resource/1686062712000/ExampleCSS
  • Navigate over to the flow that you would like to apply this styling to.
  • Open the Screen that you are editing and then select the Address Verification by ProvenWorks component that you have added.
  • Under Additional Styles paste the extract from the resource URL that you copied


Before vs After

Before applying the custom styling:

After applying the custom styling:

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