AddressTools Premium: Turn on address verification

Enabling address verification for the organization

Once all verification settings have been configured for each address block, verification needs to be enabled for the organization. In the event that you want to disable address verification for everyone, the following setting can be disabled.

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • Select Settings from the sidebar.
  • Click the pencil next to Premise-Level Address Verification.
  • Tick the Premise-Level Address Verification checkbox.
  • Click Save.

Using address verification

Once address verification is enabled, it gives you access to multiple ways to verify an address.

For interactive type-ahead PowerSearch verification, you will now need to enhance your organization with at least one of the AddressTools Lightning Components, relevant articles can be found below:

If you’re looking for scheduling or automating address verification, check out the following How tos:

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